How To Thread Eyebrows at Home
How to Thread Eyebrows

Eyebrow threading is an effective solution to do away with excessive hair all around the eyebrows and to achieve the most suitable form for your eyebrows without tweezing or waxing. It provides a more effective method for hair removal compared to the others because it allows you to remove the entire hair follicle, which means the hairs will not re-grow in a short time like they will once the tweezing method is applied. It is a particularly hygienic means to eliminate the hair and you do not need to use any chemicals like with waxing which may lead to skin irritation or allergic reactions for people who have delicate skin. Here are several points you can consider if you need to learn how to thread eyebrows:
    All you need is a piece of cotton thread about 24 inches in length and tie both ends to create a circle
    Place the thread around the fingers of both hands and move both your hands so that the thread makes a rectangle outline
    Make an "X" shape using the thread by twisting it around about ten times in the centre
    Move the twisted part of the thread in the centre to one side by opening one hand and closing the other, first open your left hand and close your right hand after which open the right and close the left, practice this a few times so it becomes easy to shift the twisted section of the thread to the left and to the right
    Put the thread on your eyebrow with the twisted section beside the hair which you want to take out, move the twisted section of the thread from left to right around the hair and grasp the hair tightly using the thread, once you have the hair you intend to take out you can just pull it out using the thread.
    The most suitable area to begin the removal process is with the hairs between your eyebrows although it is also a good suggestion to practice removing some hairs on your leg for example first in order to master the technique. After taking out the unwanted hair between your eyebrows it is better to start at the top of your brows and then the bottom, this will insure that you can achieve the ideal thickness and form easily. Whilst it is a fairly painless process taking out the hairs from the underside of your eyebrow may be a little uncomfortable because this is a more sensitive region near to the eye.
    It is also best to apply some toner after the hair removal as this will help to close up the skin pores
By using these tips on how to thread eyebrows you can acquire the perfectly formed brows and also a more stunning look.

How to Thread Eyebrows


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